Delicious Library by Delicious Monster is an organizer with a twist. It is an electronic Librarian 
for books, CDs DVDS, etc.  Why would you get it if you have FileMaker Pro handy? It is not 
just great eye candy, but it also works with the FireWire based iSight camera as a barcode 
reader. Keyboard entry only for library organization can become pretty much a thing of the past. 
Or you can get the Bluetooth based Flic Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner if you don't have an 
iSight camera or use the USB based CueCat (remember those?). Just point the back of a book 
where the barcode is located or a CD case up to the iSight camera for example (assuming it has a 
barcode) and the magic begins. And if you are into loaning out your stuff, that too can be tracked 
I found that I had to get the books within 2 inches or so, depending 
on lighting conditions, for the barcode reader function to  take . An 
audible beep occurs just like those barcode beeps at The Home 
Depot or Safeway with a successful scan. Sometimes the barcode 
lookup fails and manual entry is required. I found that multiple 
barcodes on the back of books confuses the barcode scanner too. 
Retry with just one of them and it works most of the time, assuming 
Amazon has the book listed.   
Trying to find books not in the Amazon database can produce 
interesting results. For example, I have a book by Nemetschek 
North America that is a private printing I reviewed last month (July 
2005 macCompanion) named  Images of CAD: the Art of 
Computer Aided Design . That had to be entered manually. I just 
dragged and dropped the image from my book review and it took. 
Other details had to be copy/pasted. If you want all the blanks filled 
in, those too will need to be input manually. 
Software is going to be hit and miss. Microsoft Office 2004 
Professional (Mac) came through fine, but FileMaker Pro 7 did not. 
Amazon has lots of FileMaker Pro books though! Other software 
that is barcoded also failed to get a  hit , so those have to be 
manually input as well. 
I noticed that entries end up in  Collections  under Books, Movies, 
Music or Games, but if I add a shelf, and I remove entries, they 
come back, unless I go to remove them from Collections. I don't 
know if that is a failsafe mechanism or what, but I don't like going 
back and rekeying over and over again when I want to clean up 
files. Just remember that Collections takes entry priority as far as 
the app is concerned. 
I do like that the shelves can be sorted by various criteria, but don't 
like that I can only sort by one at a time. I can sort either by title, or 
publisher/label, but not both. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 88 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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