The barcoding app looks at a reverse image and translates that. Watching it work is fascinating. 
There are 5 red lines that run across the iSight video screen. To improve functionality I probably 
ought to do the toothpick   rubberband kludge, but the distance I currently have for best reading 
is close to the beveled front edge of my iMac G5, so I don't need to do the toothpick workaround 
they show on their website. 
A separate Bluetooth barcode scanner can be purchased for an extra $175 USD with the purchase 
of a license. If you still have one of those USB based CueCat scanners around, you can modify it 
to become a commercial scanner and then it too will work with Delicious Library. 
There is also a Delicious Library Widget that is automatically installed with the app for 
searching online. 
A scanner isn't necessary either. If you know either the UPC code, the ISBN or ASIN number 
(Amazon Standard Item Number), those too can be looked up and automagically entered from 
Once data has been captured, it can be Spotlighted, or Voice searched. And if you don't like the 
wood grained shelving, the items can be viewed in a list instead. 
Data importing isn't limited to just Amazon. If data is in either tab delimited file format or in 
other applications, those too can be imported locally. 
Once items are captured, they can be added to 
the Amazon list for either buying or selling. 
All proceeds through delicious Monster that 
are Amazon purchases are donated 100% to 
relief funds. 
The Delicious Library Help function works 
perfectly and is essentially where all the 
documentation is located.  
If you would like to check out items to others, 
more than likely those individuals are in our 
Address Book and Delicious Library assumes 
so, so it creates an initial Borrowers List from 
there. It also grabs information from vCard 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 89 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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