You can also double click a link on the pages list or in the digest to open the web page live in a 
separate browser window. This browser is based on the WebKit engine, which is also used by 
Apple s Safari and OmniWeb 5. Alternatively, use the toolbar menu command "Launch URL" to 
open the page in your default web browser, e.g. Safari, Mozilla (Firefox), OmniWeb, or 
Microsoft Internet Explorer. 
I list some of the additional rich features of this product later in the review. However, the fast 
search capability combined with being able to select search sets give this product all the 
flexibility I presently need. As my search needs expand, it will be easy to satisfy them with 
Back to My Search Results   To keep things simple, I, for the most part, used the product's 
default Fast Scan mode, which limited my results to a maximum of a 100 hits. In once case I 
used the more extensive web search abilities of deep scan mode which can both search deeper 
using metacrawlers and other beasties to search deeper (and slower.) None of my search results 
in this mode approached that limit. The search results were returned so rapidly that I did not have 
time to take another sip of coffee after clicking start. Although the percentage of items I could 
use was often only 5 10% of what was found, the DEVONagent software allowed me to check 
(digest mode) an abstract of the website for relevance. 
My searches made some, but not extensive, use of Boolean operators (e.g., 
AND/OR/NOT/NEAR, or grouping search terms with quotation marks. If I need them, I know I 
can use these combinations plus other logic operators described in the user manual). The 
software is able to work with more complex search criteria than Google or other search engines 
I've used. DEVONagent's well thought out Boolean logic feature helps focus a search and is 
especially useful when doing deep scan searches that can yield up to 500 results. 
I tried the software, right from the startup, to learn the answers to questions like: 
(Note for your convenience, I've italicized my search terms.) 
What kinds of Specialized Search Engines are available for Internet technical searches?   
No matches, but the terms Search Engines returned 88 links. Google returned 31,100,000 
hits. They were reduced to mere 28,100,000 hits when I restricted my Google search to 
search for only items in the English language and to entries made this past year. 
By modifying my search definition in DEVONagent to Scientific Search Engines, I got 68 
hits, some of which are keepers. I also found 43 links when I changed the search criteria to 
Chemistry Search Engines. I only skimmed these last two sets of findings, choosing not to 
do an in depth numeric comparison of the hits. However, it seemed that the sets of found 
links were sufficiently different that it might be well worth doing a number of simple 
variations on search terms. 
Finally, having to move on to my next search, I checked Chemical Publication Search 
Engines and got 52 hits; but Search Chemical Publications slightly increased the number 
of hits. (Bits and bytes are strange   perhaps I violated some element of the Uncertainty 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 95 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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