Overall, based on thumbnail digests of the site found, about 5 10% of the sites were quite 
useful, so I bookmarked them for future use. 
Tell me about Phosphate Glass for Low Activity Waste Disposal.   The search resulted in 
only one inappropriate hit, a significantly lower number than I found on the DOE OSTI 
site. Other variations on that search theme did no better. I did find a few, too few, useful 
reference by searching for Vitrification of Low Activity Waste. Perhaps I'm asking the 
wrong question. 
Nat King Cole sings Spanish songs was my next search theme. Wanting to learn more 
about Nat King Cole's Espanol albums turned up 76 documents, several of which had the 
information I sought as did a search for "Nat King Cole" "Spanish Songs". I was surprised 
that some of the found items were different, but I shouldn't have been. 
Finding the lyrics to Tom Lehrer's Women Are Like Pianos with DEVONagent did not 
yield any usable results in fast scan mode, despite variations on the search phase. 
However, a search for Lyrics  Tom Lehrer Songs turned up 34 results in fast scan mode 
and over 203 in considerably slower deep scan mode. None of the hits gave me the lyrics 
for which I searched. 
In deep scan mode, I ran out of patience and stopped before the search was over. From my 
very subjective perspective, I did not need the extra hits resulting from it. 
Just for fun, I remembered I love optical illusions. I was surprised that a search for Optical 
Illusions only tuned up only one hit, but the site http://www.illusionworks.com proved to 
be full of wonderfully distracting images. (Note I could not repeat this search to give me 
only one hit.) When I retried the search, I got 54 found links. Because using DEVONagent 
can be addicting, I changed my query to M. C. Escher or to Escher images. The search 
resulted in a much richer and more set of sites then I'd gotten, several months ago, when 
using Google.  
In addition, for my wife, I tried to find a small oriental cabinet. The search turned up 24 
documents, of which only four were relevant, but my search for Small Oriental Cabinet 
turned up 55 documents, of which eight seemed appropriate to my needs. 
Froogle turned up 329 hits for oriental cabinets of all sizes, but the search could not be 
modified to include the search attribute  small . A Google search for Small "Oriental 
Cabinet" turned up 338 documents, a bit more than I wanted to deal with. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 96 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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