My DEVONagent test sample limitations    To keep things simple, I predominantly used the 
default fast scan mode. That mode artificially limited my results to 100 hits. My searches made 
some, but not extensive use of Boolean operators {e.g., AND/OR/NOT/NEAR in all 
combinations plus other tools described in the user manual) which are discussed in the software's 
Using DEVONagent as my default web browser  
Overall, I found that DEVONagent, based on the Safari engine, could serve well as an integrated 
web browser. However, I chose not to make it my default browser even though I know it is 
especially tailored to the needs of web researchers, among which I number. I've patched Safari 
with other shareware tools such as PithHelmet and I'd rather not give up Apple s product. 
Looking under the hood   DEVONagent is built on a flexible and extensive plug in 
architecture, 50 now and more to come that allow users to query a great variety of search engines 
simultaneously. Even a relatively novice programmer [my emphasis, but so `tis claimed] can 
write new plug ins with ease. In addition, DEVONagent can automatically scan your favorite 
web pages for news and follows promising links. Instructions for doing so accompany the 
product's documentation. 
A Summary of DEVONagent's Key Features 
Incorporates an easy to use but powerful web 
Presents search results as dynamic digests 
page archive feature allows you to organize 
based on an intelligent topic list and stores 
and search results as stored pages. 
results in a searchable web page archive. 
A scheduler allows you to run predefined 
Automatically queries multiple search 
queries completely unattended, send an 
email, or speak a text. (Untested by me.) 
Scanners look specifically for certain results 
Uses a flexible plug in and scanner 
like web cams or multimedia 
   I did not need this feature. 
Automatic filter eliminates junk, similar, 
Enabled crawler auto surfs your favorite 
archived, or error pages. 
web pages. 
Software Limitations   As a professional technical peer reviewer, I search more deeply than 
most. Nevertheless, finding limitations such as those listed below, do not reduce the power of 
DEVONagent, they're only request to its developer for added power. 
More ways of limiting searches   There is one feature, already available in Google advanced 
searches. I would find valuable. That is the ability to limit my search to a specified time frame 
and to items published only in English. If DEVONagent has such capabilities, I did not spot them 
in the extensive users manual. 
Side by side comparison views needed   When searching variations on a theme, as I did for 
search engines, I would like to have the ability to display several search results side by side to 
more easily look for newly found items. I would welcome a  docucomp  feature. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 97 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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