This makes it surprisingly easy to get the information you want out of several loosely related 
returns.  [Review of DEVONagent & DEVONthink Software by Gerrit Dalman, Alaska Apple 
Users Group, March 2005.] 
It contains many rich features that I'm not quite ready to use. However, the well written and 
illustrated 132 page PDF manual will aid me in using more of its capabilities. For this review, I 
did mote than a half dozen or so searches. Almost all the features I tested worked well, based, on 
my simple minded understanding of the software's capabilities and the Mac OS X interface. It 
even performed well in chasing recipes, on pf my many pack rat vices. 
Even with my limited testing, some of which I've described in this review, I found DEVONagent 
to be a powerful and flexible, broadly effective online research tool. Internet users who squint at 
enormous collections of bookmarks or archived web search results will get instant relief and 
gratification from this product. I rate this product 4.5 macCs and look forward to the next major 
upgrade, perhaps incorporating my wishes. 
The publisher is working on a version 1.8 of the software that will include 80 new plug ins, a 
quick search feature, private surfing, and more. Stand by for a short update on this fine product. 
For those of you who use DEVONthink, as expected, it is well integrated with DEVONagent. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 99 
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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