I wish I had this program when I was doing multi million dollar telecom projects. This project 
management tool can almost do itself. Providing content now is the easy part and struggling to 
get a presentable format together is no longer the pain it used to be in MS Project for Windows. 
A question I have is, `How scalable is it ? I used to work with PMs (Project Managers) that had 
MS Project for Windows files that went into Megabytes of hard drive space and took weeks to 
build. These files were monolithic monstrosities that took reams of paper to print out and 
traversed years and tons of phases to accomplish. I'm so glad I read the book I reviewed last 
month on Project Management. It put what was important into perspective. Maybe the good folks 
at Techno Grafik & Zisser Software read it too. Project Mangers can focus on managing projects 
instead of managing project presentation software. 
Apparently iTaskX took 2 years to get to version 2.1. 
The goal was to double the functionality at half the 
price. A free demo can downloaded, so you can 
compare it to either FastTrack 8 Schedule or Leading 
Projects and find out for yourself. 
 Preferences have references to LDAP and/or Exchange 
Server integration. Files can be saved as iTaskX 
Projects or Templates, MS Project XML or Data 
Exchange, Outline Processor Markup Language 
(OPML), Tab or Comma Delimited Text or as an iCal 
file. Project information is an easy dropdown menu and 
even has a statistics button that shows Start, Finish, 
Duration, Work, Cost and Percent Complete in the .itp 
Oh, and did we mention that it works with Spotlight in 
Mac OS X 10.4.1 Tiger? Perhaps that answers the 
 scalability  question.  
There are over 60 task fields with calculations for slack 
time, effort driven scheduling, overtime, cost accruals 
and varying calendars for project, timescale, tasks and 
resources. And there is room for tables of all kinds, or 
at least 8.  
Each view can be exported to PDF, JPG, TIF or PNG. 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 103   
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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