I may be at a disadvantage here because I discovered Aquaminds NoteTaker  (review posted in 
the July 2005 issue of macCompanion) before tripping over Circus Ponies NoteBook. Actually, 
Derek Meier turned me on to it, but Tim Verpoorten reviewed Notebook 2.0 about halfway 
through Episode 3 of his Mac ReviewCast listed above. Ted Goranson also did an excellent job 
with his comparison review of both NoteTaker and NoteBook over at ATPM in the May 2004 
issue also listed above. (Read the comments to that article. Very enlightening!) 
Jayson Adams (Code Poet) and Elizabeth Statmore were kind enough to send us a copy of 
NoteBook 2.0 for review too. It is a combination outliner and free form database.  It allows us to 
clip, organize, and share any kind of unstructured information from any source on Mac OS X.  
Did Apple take some of the same code to create Spotlight? (That is an open ended question.) 
Jayson Adams worked with NeXTSTEP along with Scott Love some 10 years ago or so and they 
co founded Millennium Software Labs. When that company dissolved, they went their separate 
ways with both retaining rights to the code. Since Jason wrote the original code for Millennium, 
it makes sense that he would continue the concept and that is why both are  Spiral Notebooks  
but go different directions. 
Version 227 of NoteBook 2.0 was released to be compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. There is 
a very healthy and active NoteBook Community online at 
NoteBook has a few things going for it. Outline of outlines and taking a graphic and making it 
part of the outline instead of using just text. It also allows for tab hovering to go deeper into the 
outline. And cells can be collapsed or  folded  to one line. When touching that line, the cell 
automagically expands for viewing. 
There are one or two things it doesn't do and hopefully those can be addressed in the future such 
as dragging to a tab and dropping into that tab (copy and paste instead). 
Like NoteTaker, NoteBook handles multimedia nicely. It uses media frames to accomplish that. 
And it also does voice annotation and accepts web pages and can publish to web pages using the 
NBML or NoteBook Markup Language.  
Oh, and then there is database manipulation (superfinding metadata) and adding stickers to 
keywords in cells and generating indexes.  
And there is support for camera linkages and a contextual menu for clipping and annotating. 
Is NoteBook really  the digital hub $50 valet for iLife  and  spongeworthy ?  Well, it sure beats 
writing in everything by hand!  Import all kinds of things, like images, movies, photos, scans and 
sound files. Add some formatting like shadows, rotation, scaling and playback.  Is it just 
eyecandy or does it really help get organized? With Spotlight is organization even needed? Well, 
in a word; Yes! 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 106   
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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