Everything is adjustable for checking uptime, failures, changes and status. It is dock accessible 
too. It also has a Smart Change Detection function so site checking doesn't get false positives 
from banners, etc. 
Oh, and in the Dock, notifier symbols change in the Simon screen.
Programming port functions is a 
snap with the Port service plug 
in.  It can make sure applications 
are present, incoming and 
outgoing mail (IMAP and POP) 
is available, Ping and SSH work 
and services can be changed 
with the Add/Alter Service. 
There is even a Capture Session 
panel for checking server types 
with session scripts. 
As you get familiar with the 
program, test criteria can be 
altered to match more closely the 
work that is needed to be 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 112   
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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