The User Guide is online and is constantly being updated. The best thing to do is just go here to 
see the Table of Contents;
To get to the plug ins (Application, Basic Service, DNS Service, Ping Service and Port Service), 
the Alter Service button has to be clicked. The plug ins are all there, so they do not have to be 
downloaded and installed separately. The same format is used with Adding/Altering Notifiers 
and Tests. In other words, it may take as much as 5 minutes to figure this all out and then let 
Simon run in the background to help you manage your servers and websites. Is this sweet or 
You now have a watchdog that lets you have a life again as a system administrator. If you are 
using an Xserve from Apple, than you can really be enjoying the good life, because you will not 
be having to be on edge all the time worrying about uptime. Think about it. Then get Simon so 
you can have a monitoring utility designed to run from Mac OS X instead of from competing 
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Page 113   
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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