macCompanion Media Kit 
We are the Macintosh  Professional Network (MPN), Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). 
MPN, LLC continues to evolve, ever since its creation in 1996 as a way to reach out to those 
who use computers for a living in an effort to make their lives easier and their work both 
enjoyable and profitable.  
Besides consulting efforts, we also provide monthly book, hardware and software reviews at 
.  We offer ways and means for folks to get comfortable using the Macintosh  
created by the Apple  Corporation in the multibillion dollar computer industry. We know that 
bad software doesn t live long in the Mac  environment. On the other hand, good computer 
equipment and software becomes great as the word spreads, and we are very good at helping to 
spread it. Our suggestions over the years have also helped improve many successful products in 
use today. Through kind and gentle efforts, we have been able to help many people move to 
better tools of the trade so they can be more productive in their work. 
Besides our website, we also create macCompanion as a freely available PDF based monthly. It 
averages about 100 pages per month. July 2004 is the first year anniversary of this labor of love. 
The macCompanion staff is an all volunteer team of writers and reviewers from many parts of 
the globe, and they also have a great wealth of knowledge and experience in their backgrounds. 
That base of talent also continues to keep growing as the Macintosh Professional Network 
Statistical Analysis 
We are very excited about our site statistics! The multilingual capable 
surpassed 1 million hits a month, starting June 2004 and readership continues to increase rapidly 
through our "whisper campaign". Last October we switched over to our current host. They have 
provided us with excellent support and tools to help us do our job. They have the right tools to do 
theirs too. It is a great, robust relationship and we are very proud of them. 
We continue to get greater visibility every day. Many of the various 35 computer operating 
systems (with many moving towards the Mac  OS X  environment), 115 online search 
engines, 269 countries and domains and 319 online robots have discovered us   and continue to 
do so. So far, over 201 other websites have also linked to us. Many of our readers have made our 
site one of their favorites. While nearly 70% of our readership stops by for a quick visit via RSS 
feeds, over 23% spend between 1/2 to 1 hours at a time going through over 250 different pages 
on our site (mostly archives). Many of those who quickly drop by, come to get the monthly 
PDFed issue of macCompanion. Over 8GB of bandwidth was used in June 2004 alone for 
download purposes. Previous months have averaged around 6GB. Trend analysis indicates that 
will continue to increase. 
Advertising with macCompanion 
We have four advertising options you may choose from, and multiple months will receive a 20% 
discount for both website and PDF based ads. All advertising must be paid in advance. We 
  MPN, LLC 2005 macCompanion 
Page 120   
August 2005, Volume 3 Issue 8 

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