XML Server Getting Started    
 codeBase= /xmlsp/msxml3.cab#version=8,20,8730,4  classid= clsid:f5078f32 c551 11d3 89b9 0000f81fe221  > 
You may have to incorporate this snippet into a Logon page of your application, since it needs to be loaded just once.  
Alternatively to this automated installation, you may manually 
download and install MSXML 3.0 SP2 directly of MSDN
That option is most popular with developers. 
Be advised, however, that running instances of IE may  lock  the previous versions of MSXML engine. For that 
reason, you cannot be assured that your newly installed version of MSXML will take effect, unless all IE sessions 
that were running prior to install are closed (including the one that might be used for automatic download and install 
of MXSML). In some cases, there may be hidden sessions of IE running on your PC all the time   that scenario will 
require the reboot of the computer. 
Sample XML Server Page  
So, what is exactly XML Server Pages? It is a set of tools, HTML components and server side libraries targeted for 
application development within the browser.  In short, XML Server Pages is an extension of HTML that provides support for 
building high level business application, both on the browser and server sides. 
Let us consider the following example: 
inset;width:800px;" /> 
It produces following output in the browser.  
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