XML Server Getting Started    
provided, of course that query behind  customerList  requires state value as an argument. 
The later would be equivalent to  
function window::onLoad() { 
    customerList.connection =  asademo ; 
    customerList.retrieve( NJ ); 
All XML Node objects are, simply pointers to instances of 
 IXMLDOMNode interface
. To illustrate the use of XML Node 
objects, we will rewrite the above 
 function so that retrieval context is prepared  dynamically , instead of 
using single constant string: 
function window::onLoad() { 
   var context = xmlapi.XMLfromString(""); 
   var node = context.createElement("currentsqlid"); 
   node.text = "asademo"; 
   node = context.createElement("arg1"); 
   node.text = "NJ"; 
  customers.context = context; 
 property of the XMLDocument is the topmost node in XML document tree. Keep in mind that it has a 
value if document is empty (contains no nodes). The other important remark to the above code is that creation of the 
nodes to be appended anywhere in the document tree should be performed with the corresponding XMLDocument object. 
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