XML Server Getting Started    
     try { 
          var outXML = xmlapi.XMLHTTPRequest("/Examples/Tutorial/EchoLogon.jsp", inXML); 
          var responseNode = outXML.documentElement; 
          if (responseNode.getAttribute("status")!="true")  { 
              var exception = new Object(); 
              exception.description = outXML.documentElement.text; 
               throw exception; 
          util.messageBox("Login succeeded", ""); 
     } catch (e) { 
        util.messageBox("Login failed", e.description); 
In turn,  EchoLogon.jsp returns 
  is exactly the same as the password and  
otherwise. We suggest you try 
 in  two ways: first with  /Examples/Tutorial/EchoLogon.jsp  in 
place, then temporarily rename EchoLogon.JSP into something else and try 
 again to catch the 
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