XML Server Getting Started    
Building server side objects for XML over HTTP access from client 
As mentioned in the section 
Accessing server side objects from the client code:  XML over HTTP calls
 XMLSP technology 
enables developers to delegate server specific code to callable objects on the Application Server side. Since the protocol of 
passing arguments and return values to these objects is XML (over HTTP) the server side Java code has to be capable of 
parsing XML and manipulating the XML document. Given the fact that J2EE Application Servers do not standardize on the 
XML/XSL engines, XMLSP technology currently adopts  Xerces and Xalan from Apache as the XML parser and 
XSLT/XPath engine of choice.   
During the installation of XMLSP software corresponding Apache jars get added to relevant folders of the Application 
Server. Some Application Servers may have 
 as part of the very Application Server setup. Also, in 
certain cases XMLSP installation elect to unzip 
 into corresponding 
 folder. At any rate, 
please keep in mind that approximately every three months there are newer releases of 
Xerces J bin.zip
 available at 
http://xml.apache.org/dist/xerces j
 and there are release of 
Xalan J bin.zip
 available for download at 
http://xml.apache.org/dist/xalan j
. The download files contain run time files   
, along with samples 
and documentation. You can also view Xerces documentation on line at  
http://xml.apache.org/xerces j/api.html
. Xalan 
documentation is available for on line viewing at 
http://xml.apache.org/xalan j/api.html
The following example, located at 
upon installation of XMLSP software on your server, works 
in tandem with the  login  page 
.  This JSP anticipates to be invoked with the following request stream: 
userid value
password value
In return, it is supposed to send  
if combination of userid and password is validated and   
error or exception description
in the opposite case or in case of an exception. 
is utilizing Xalan XPath engine, however, it does it with the additional help of convenience class 
.  (see Appendix C for full source code of 

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