XML Server Getting Started    
Controlling look and feel of XMLSP objects 
Although both HTML and CSS offer certain ways of controlling look and feel   fonts, position & size of controls etc. 
capabilities of Cascading Style Sheets by far exceed those of HTML itself. In addition, with the most of the XMLSP objects 
implemented as custom behavior based elements, CSS is the only universal mechanism of controlling look and feel that 
should be used on XMLSP screens.   
This document is not going to cover CSS in any detail. Instead we recommend the on line 
CSS reference in Microsoft 
Development Network (MSDN) Library. 
Enhancing previous example, where 
  customers  took default size of 400 by 300 pixels, we can set it to 800 by 
300 pixels area with an inset border: (
style="height:300px;border:2px inset;width:800px;"/> 
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