XML Server Getting Started    
To further illustrate XMLSP scripting, let us consider the simple  addition  screen consisting of two data entry fields, 
represented by 
 elements named  a  and  b , respectively, and one result field, represented by standard HTML 
 named  c . Whenever user tabs or clicks away from modified  a  or  b  cell, the value of  c  gets modified by the 
sum of the two numbers (
  "Optimistic" Calculator (do not enter non numbers!)

As far as event information, the preferred way for event handling methods to get and modify information about the event is to 
use the event object of the window object. One can alter the default logic flow in events like onItemChanging,  onItemError, 
etc. by setting the window.event.returnValue to false.  As another example, our  calculator  could be extended to provide 
some rudimentary validation of the data entered (

"Validating" Calculator

Allowed values are positive integers from 0 to 100; try other values to test

   + =


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