XML Server Getting Started    
      This window will not get active until user logs on ... 

On it's 
 event window pops up 
as a dialog box: 
        var isLogonOK = window.showModalDialog(dlgURL, dlgParm, dlgProps); 
This activates the dialog box populated 
and deactivates our window. In fact, so far our window has not been active 
at all.  The dialog properties   last argument of 
 method   is set to size dialog box to 300 by 200 pixels, 
place it in the center of the screen and eliminate status line: 
        var dlgProps = "center:yes;dialogWidth:300px;dialogHeight:200px;status:no"; 
The boolean value returned by 
 function is used to set the value of 
 to either  succeeded  or  failed : 
        var status = isLogonOK?"succeeded":"failed"; 
This assignment is not happening (flow of control does not come back to window::onLoad() function) until modal dialog is 
closed. Then window changes its appearance and becomes active. 
To illustrate the mechanism of passing parameters to dialog boxes we will enhance our example so that subsequent use of the 
logon window prompts user's ID as of the last successful logon. Specifically, upon successful login we will store that value 
in a 
 so that it will persist on user's computer. Accordingly, we will be reading this 
 and passing it's value as an 
argument to 
 First, let's revise the dialog box scripting section 

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