XML Server Getting Started    
Debugging XMLSP screens 
XML Server Pages can be effectively debugged with 
Microsoft Script Debugger
. Microsoft Script Debugger works the way 
many debuggers do, by allowing to view the source code of the script being debugged, control the pace of script exe cution, 
view and change variable and property values, view and control script.  
The simplest way to initiate script debugger is by placing the breakpoint with the 
 statement in the script. Debugger 
will get started when the script execution flow reaches that breakpoint. You will also get prompted to start debugger 
whenever a runtime error occurs when a client script. In the later case, Microsoft Internet Explorer displays an error message 
indicating the error and the line on which it was found along with the  Would you like to debug?  question. If you choose to 
debug, Internet Explorer starts the debugger. 
You can navigate in the document, set breakpoints, return to the document to run scripts and step through them. If you refresh 
the document, you will lose any breakpoints you have set. However, you cannot directly edit the source code in the debugger. 
If you have access to the original document file (the .htm, .html or .jsp file), you can make changes to that file and then 
reload it in the browser. Please visit MSDN on line for detailed information on 
Using Script Debugger
To debug client scripts with Microsoft Script Debugger script debugging must be enabled. To enable script debugging in IE 
5.x or 6.x visit the  Advanced  tab of the  Internet Options  dialog located under  Tools/Internet Options  browser menu 
and uncheck 
Disable Script Debugging 
checkbox. This will not have effect, however, on the sessions of the browser, which 
are already open. 
The safe practice of using Script Debugger is also to make sure that there is no previous version of the script you have just 
modified while debugging, which has been cached by browser. For that purpose you can always click  Delete Files  button 
on the  General  tab of the  Internet Options  dialog located under  Tools/Internet Options  browser menu. Again, this will 
not have effect on the currently open sessions of the browser, as long as the files have been parsed already. 
Please note that client scripts are initially parsed when the HTML document is loaded into the browser. During this parsing 
phase, the browser reports any syntax errors that it finds (please see MSDN on line:
Understanding Script Errors
parsing a section of script, the browser executes it. 
 scripts, which are scripts that are not part of an event 
handling function, are executed immediately. Event handling functions, and functions that are called by other functions, are 
parsed immediately but are not executed until triggered by an event or called by another functions.   
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