XML Server Getting Started    
XML Server Pages: Plain HTML Container 
Although we recommend that XMLSP pages get developed as JSP, it is perfectly fine to built XMLSP pages as HTML files. 
Let's look at the following example: 
As in our previous examples, the HTML document first declares a namespace, which is used to ensure that XMLSP custom 
elements have a unique qualifier  xsp : 
This enables importing of the custom elements: xsp:xmlcontrol,  xsp:copyright    into a namespace: 
When the browser begins processing the IMPORT directive, it waits until the contents of the HTC file have downloaded 
completely before continuing.  Finally, custom elements   
   can be inserted in the body of the 
(Please see on line reference to 
Element Behavoirs on MSDN Library
 for detailed information related to custom elements. 
Again, as a reminder, all XMLSP controls are implemented as behaviors, majority of them being implemented as element 
behaviors or custom elements.) 
Note, that Panel Control   
, which is also included in the body on the document, is supported by a different 
mechanism. Unlike XMLControl it does not have to be 
. The HTC file, which implements Panel Control, is 
downloaded by browser only when the later meets first instance of 
 on the page. It is being enforced by the 
following line from 
xsp\:copyright { behavior : url(/xmlsp/htc/panel.htc) } 
Summing up, if you like to create and keep XML Server Page as HTML one, you have to follow these rules: 
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