Web Application Development 
Using Open Source and Java Technologies
Wolfgang Andreas Klimke 
Submitted to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering on May 11, 2001  
in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Engineering  
in Civil and Environmental Engineering 
With the growing popularity of Open Source and Java, software engineers have embraced the 
idea of a no cost development platform for Web applications. This thesis introduces the 
concepts of Open Source and gives an overview on current Open Source products with 
particular focus on Web application enabling technologies. 
Covered are the technical aspects of Web application development with today's leading Web 
application development tools, such as Tomcat (the reference implementation of the Java 
Servlet API) and the Concurrent Versions System CVS for source code control. 
A case study of a real world application, the development of a Web based permit system for 
urban road construction, is presented to show that Open Source development can meet the 
expectations it has created. 
Java is the dominant Web programming language today, and is used extensively by the Open 
Source community. The author takes a closer look at ASP and C#, representing the core 
technologies of Microsoft's Web application development platform, as Java's most important 
Thesis Supervisor: George Kocur 
Title: Senior Lecturer of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

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