Generally, it can be stated that PostgreSQL currently offers a richer set of features in 
processing the stored data. MySQL does not support some critical features, such as safe 
transactions or foreign keys that are usually part of relational database management systems. 
However, MySQL offers more standard data types and functions according to ANSI SQL. 
Furthermore, the additional processing required for handling the transaction safe tables in 
PostgreSQL gives MySQL a significant speed advantage for insert and update statements.  
Other databases that have been made available under an Open Source License more recently 
   InterBase and the spin off Firebird, open sourced by Inprise/Borland (since July 2000) 
   SAPDB, open sourced by SAP AG (since October 2000) 
Selected References 
Tim Perdue;; MySQL and PostgreSQL Compared;
; July 2000 
A Comparison of MySQL and PostgreSQL features, performance, and stability. 
Tim Perdue;; Open Source Databases: As the Tables Turn;
; November 2000 
Follow up article with extensive performance comparison of MySQL and PostgreSQL 
2.5  Source Code Control with CVS 
The creation process of software becomes more complex with growing size: An increasing 
number of developers have to collaborate closely to achieve effective development in larger 
systems. Furthermore, the introduction of latent bugs in the early stages of development can 
pose a real problem in large programs, since tracing the problem to its origin can become a 
tedious task. 
Versioning control systems are the solution to this challenge. All versions of the source code are 
archived and maintained in a central repository (the  master  copy), usually at a separate 

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