are public Java classes with a constructor that has no arguments. They usually are 
reusable components containing application logic. 
The following is an example JSP page demonstrating four of the five JSP language elements 
(the JSP elements are highlighted with a shaded background). This page uses a JavaBean to 
generate a formatted navigation bar. 
JSP Navigation Bar
<%@ page language="java" %>
<%@ include file="banner.html" %>
This is done in Java language syntax. The following two lines are
a "scriptlet".   >
<% navibar.add("Home","home_int.jsp");
navibar.add("Help","help_int.jsp"); %>
, in this case, call the
navibar bean's toHTML() method to generate the navigation bar in HTML
on the page   >
<%= navibar.toHTML() %>

Welcome to this demonstration page!

This page shows how to use JSP to generate a navigation bar.

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