3.2  Introduction to Web Application Development with Tomcat 
The Apache Software Foundation has published an excellent guide on application development 
under Tomcat at 
http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/jakarta tomcat/src/doc/appdev/
. The author 
strongly recommends basing a new development environment on the instructions provided by 
this document. This Section provides a brief summary of the key ideas of Apache's application 
development guide, some additional comments for clarification, and a detailed example for 
creating a simple application, which can serve as a starting point for more complex tasks. 
Important note: Depending on your user account settings on the system you are using, you 
might need to have Linux super user (administrator) rights to write to directories that are not 
inside your local user home directory. You may also require logging in as a super user to 
configure the Tomcat servlet engine, or to start and stop it during development. If you are not 
familiar with the access rights and user management on your Linux system, please contact your 
system administrator. The system administrator may also wish to grant you the required 
permissions explicitly by providing the appropriate sudo commands. 
3.2.1  Creating the Source Code Repository 
The source code should be kept separate from the compiled version of the application. Source 
code control is easier if the directories contain only source files, and it is much more convenient 
to make an installable distribution of the application. The Apache Software Foundation 
recommends a directory hierarchy for source files, which is shown in Figure 5. 
Using the recommended directory structure also has the advantage that a provided build script 
may be used without major modifications, which can create a compiled Web application from 
the source tree with just one shell command. 
Before creating the source repository with the Concurrent Versions System, CVS needs to be 
configured according to the access levels required. CVS repositories can be configured for 
single users, user groups on the same server, or for multiple users on many client machines 
using remote access over a network or the Internet. Described here is the configuration for a 
user group accessing the repository from a single server. Please see Section 3.2.5 for 
references on how to set up CVS for the other cases. 

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