Configuring CVS for a User Group on a Single Server under Linux 
To set up CVS from the Linux shell for multiple developers within a user group on the same 
server, you may follow the steps outlined below. The 
 symbol stands for the Linux shell 
command prompt. 
   Step 1: Create a Linux user group that all developers will belong to (assuming that the 
prospective developers already have login accounts), and then add the users to this new 
group. Note: You need to have super user privileges to create new groups. 
$ /usr/sbin/groupadd devteam
(create new group "devteam")
$ /usr/sbin/usermod  G devteam andreas
(add user "andreas" to devteam)
$ /usr/sbin/usermod  G devteam grace
(add user "grace" to devteam)
   Step 2: Set the CVS environment variables.  The export statement is used to set system 
variables under Linux. The following statements could be added to the global /etc/profile file 
or the users' .profile file to set the variables automatically at login time. 
First, set the default editor for CVS. You may use vi, ae, emacs, or any other editor. CVS 
invokes the editor when an entry to a log file is required. 
$ export EDITOR=/bin/vi
Next, set the CVS root directory. Make sure you have write permission in the directory where 
you wish to place the CVS root. 
$ export CVSROOT=/devteam/cvsroot
   Step 3: Create the CVS root directory with the following command. The $ symbol indicates 
that the following text is a system variable (the one you have defined in Step 2). 
$ mkdir $CVSROOT
   Step 4: Set the appropriate group ownership and access permissions for the repository. 
First, set the group for the new CVS repository: 
$ chgrp devteam $CVSROOT
Then, change the access permissions of the directory to allow all members of the 
development group to read from and write to the new CVS repository. 
$ chmod g+rwx $CVSROOT
   Step 5: Initialize CVS with the command 
$ cvs init

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