Testing the Application 
To test the application, open a Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape 
Navigator. If you have used the same settings as described in the previous sections, you can 
access the application under the URI 
 from your Tomcat server. 
From any other machine, you have to replace the localhost keyword with the Web server name 
(e.g. myServer.mit.edu) or the server's IP address. 
By pre definition, browsing of the application directories is allowed (you can disable this later, if 
you wish). However, the WEB INF directory (see Figure 6), which contains the application 
configuration file and the servlets, is not accessible to the client browsers. 
Figure 7: Browsing the Application s Folders 
To go to the example page, click on the file draw_rectangle.html (the only file directly accessible 
from a browser). The following figures show the HTML page and the servlet output. 
Figure 8: Example Application Screenshots 

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