Committing the Additions to CVS 
When you have tested the pages, and everything runs to your satisfaction, you should finally 
commit the new files and the changes you have made to the CVS repository. 
$ cd ~/myApp
$ cvs commit  m "Added draw_rectangle files & modified web.xml file."
Good practice is to build the application and check for errors before committing any changes. 
This way, the repository will contain a running version at all times. This is advantageous 
especially when multiple developers are involved in the project. 
You can always issue the add command well ahead of the actual commit, as demonstrated with 
the two pages of the example application. By adding the files early, you can reduce the danger 
of forgetting to check in a file. The cvs add command will only schedule a file for committing, but 
not actually store it in the source code repository yet. The cvs commit command will update the 

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