3.2.4  Concluding the Introduction to Application Development with Tomcat 
Section 3.2 has given a detailed introduction to setting up a development environment for Web 
applications using Tomcat and CVS on the Linux operating system. 
Most tasks have to be performed manually. While the process of registering servlets, managing 
CVS, and building the application with a make file seem tedious compared to the development 
with IDE's, the demonstrated approach gives the development team good control over the 
product, as well as flexibility. However, the author encourages the reader to consider other 
development environments, such as Enhydra, which provide a richer set of tools to create a 
Web application faster (e.g. wizards to set up a source tree, integration with IDE's).  Debugging with Tomcat 
A difficulty that the developer faces is the lack of a real debugging tool for servlets. Since a 
servlet can be tested only from a browser, and stepping through a servlet line by line is 
therefore not possible, debugging can become a time consuming task. Therefore, you should 
apply extra care when developing a servlet, and make good use of status outputs with the 
System.err.println() command, for example. There are IDE's available that can be used with 
Tomcat to improve debugging issues, such as Borland's JBuilder. Please refer to Borland's Web 
site at 
 for additional information 
(JBuilder is not Open Source software, but the Foundation Edition V3.5 is available free of 
charge).  Multiple Developers with CVS 
The small size of the Web application example presented above did not really allow for showing 
the advantages of the central CVS repository that was created for the application source code. 
The following is a brief explanation of how other developers can access the code. 
Any member of the development team that is part of the group owning the repository can 
checkout the code to his/her home directory and independently work with it. A user x would 
simply use the following commands to obtain a fresh local copy: 
$ cd ~
$ cvs co myApp

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