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   The internal user administration pages and the external user pages where clearly 
separated to avoid any implementation difficulties with respect to security of the internal 
Web pages. Mixing the external and internal content would have increased the 
complexity of providing an  employees only  context area. 
   All functions of the system were logically grouped and a page hierarchy was developed 
to have a clearly structured and consistent navigation. The external Web page hierarchy 
is shown in Figure 10.  The internal Web page hierarchy is shown in Figure 11.  
P e r m it  D e n ie d
  E x t e r n a l 
 A p p lic a t io n  
L o g in
F o r m
P e r m it  G r a n te d
 P e r m it  
R e s u lts
V ie w  D e ta ils
  E x t e r n a l 
S e a r c h
H o m e
H e lp
  F e e d b a c k
Figure 10: External Web Pages Hierarchy 

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