Another bean is invoked, the database bean MyDbBean. A connection the the Permit System 
database is established, and all information that is required for the dynamic content generation 
is read using static functions of the appropriate classes. The database connection is then 
released immediately with the close() command to free the connection for the next use. 
 id="dbBean" class="Permit.MyDbBean" />
ResultSet companies=Company.readAllCompanies(dbBean);
ResultSet workTypes=WorkType.readAllWorkTypes(dbBean);
ResultSet streetWorkTypes=StreetWorkType.readAllStreetWorkTypes(dbBean);
ResultSet streets=Street.readAllStreets(dbBean);
Then, the page title is dislpayed using plain HTML code. 

File New Application

This form is to be used by the Department of Public Works only.
The following code segment starts the main part of the page, which is the application form. The 
form is of encoding type multipart/form data to allow for mixed content (a drawing file may be 
uploaded). This is also done using HTML only. The submitted form will be handled by a servlet 
(a servlet mapping has been defined in the web.xml file for add.Permit) 
Please provide the following information:

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