The first item of the form is a drop down box that is used to select a company name. The drop 
down is generated automatically by the createDataSelect() function of the MyHTML class. 
Contractor/Utility Company:
StringBuffer str=new StringBuffer();
<%= str.toString() %>
Other drop down boxes for work types, dates, streets, etc. are created in a similar manner, as 
shown below. Form fields that do not contain dynamic data are created in HTML, e.g. the input 
field for the Dig Safe Number. Note: not the entire code for the form is shown here. 
Type of Work:
str=new StringBuffer();
<%= str.toString() %>
Dig Safe Number:
First Day of Work:
str = new StringBuffer();
<%= str.toString() %>
The form has two buttons. The user may either submit or reset the entered application data. 

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