The following table briefly describes the most important database tables and its attributes. The 
descriptions are provided to give the reader a general overview over the contents of the Permit 
System database. For a more detailed analysis of the tables and their attributes, please refer to 
the Street Opening Permit System Project Report that is available from the CEE Department of 
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Table Name 
Primary Key(s) 
Company ComID 
The Company table contains the information on all 
contractors and utility companies that are registered with 
the Arlington Department of Public Works. 
Contact ConCompanyID 
This table contains contact information for each company. 
Several contacts may be given. 
This table contains the company types that are possible, 
which are Utility or Contractor. 
CWTCompanyID  This table contains all types of work that a particular 
Work Type 
company may perform. E.g. a company registered for the 
type of work CableTV will not be allowed to perform work of 
type Gas. 
CSTCompanyID  This table contains all types of street work that a particular 
Street Work 
company may perform. Similarly to the Company Work 
Type table, a company registered for street work of type  
Street Opening Only will not be permitted to perform work 
of type Water. 
Work Type 
The Work Type table enumerates all possible work types. 
Street Work 
The Street Work Type table enumerates all possible types 
of street work. 
Permit PerID 
The Permit table contains a history of all issued permits, 
including all application data, such as issue date, location, 
size of the work area, etc. 
Street StrID 
This table contains a list of all the streets that exist in the 
Town of Arlington. 
Restriction ResID 
This table is used to store all restrictions that have been 
applied to street or street segments. Permits will not be 
issued for restricted streets.  

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