Table Name 
Primary Key(s) 
Holiday HolName This table contains the holiday schedule. Permits will not 
be issued on holidays. 
The Admin table stores several parameters that are used 
to configure the behavior of the Automated Permit 
Approval System. This table does not have a primary key 
since it contains only one row. 
This table contains a list of all frequently asked questions. 
The list of FAQ's is composed by the town's employees, 
and presented to external users. 
Table 5: Description of Database Tables 
As mentioned earlier, MySQL provides a command line user interface. On line documentation 
explaining both basic and advanced features is available at
The connection from the Web application to the database is usually done with a JDBC driver. 
The JDBC driver provides the middle tier from the Java SQL classes to the database. The 
JDBC driver serves to translate the Java SQL statement format to the database specific format, 
and returns the results that the processing of the statement generated to the application. 
The Permit System uses the MM MySQL JDBC driver, which was released under the GNU 
LGPL license. It is available at
With the JDBC driver, connecting to the database becomes easy. The Permit System uses a 
simple JavaBean class to get a connection and to execute SQL statements. The connection is 
closed immediately after execution of the SQL statements. The DbBean class and its most 
important methods are presented below. 
Due to the low expected load of the application (more than 5 concurrent users are very unlikely), 
no connection pooling was implemented (connecting to a database is a very resource intensive 
task. Heavy duty applications therefore use connection pools that leave a set of connections 
open that are re used many times. Please see Section 5.5.4 for further details on database 
connection pooling).  

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