4.6  Concluding the Case Study 
4.6.1 Summary 
The case study of the Street Opening Permit System for the Engineering Division of the 
Department of Public Works of the Town of Arlington has demonstrated the successful 
utilization of Open Source technologies for a real world application. 
A team of three students has concurrently worked on the implementation of the JSP pages, 
servlets, and other Java classes, mainly during the spring term of 2001. The project is currently 
about 90% complete, a few items are not fully implemented yet. The database will be integrated 
with the Pavement and Inspection Management System, another student project conducted at 
MIT this spring. 
All Open Source components used (Red Hat Linux V7.0, MySQL V3.23, Tomcat V3.2.1, CVS) 
have been working reliably throughout the development and the testing phase of the software. 
The complete source code of the Permit System has been put under the GNU GPL, and is 
available at the CEE Department of MIT. 
4.6.2 Selected References 
Sun Microsystems; Servlet API Specification V2.2; 
Sun Microsystems; Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, V1.3 API Specification; 
Web Design Group; Guide to Cascading Style Sheets; 
Leon Changxin Qi; CEE Department of MIT; Enabling Technologies for a Web based Urban 
Street Construction Permit System; May 2001 
Rajesh Prasad; CEE Department of MIT; Pavement Permit System Infrastructure: UML Based 
Design; May 2001 
Changxin Qi, Rajesh Prasad, W. Andreas Klimke; CEE Department of MIT; Street Opening 
Permit System Project Report; May 2001 

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