5.2  Multiple Developers under Tomcat 
In this section, three different set ups for the operation of Tomcat during development as a 
stand alone Web server are introduced. Each of the approaches has its advantages and 
disadvantages. Depending on the number of developers and the number of machines available, 
the most appropriate solution should be selected. The techniques may be mixed as well. 
5.2.1  One Instance of Tomcat on Multiple Servers 
Advantages: No interference among developers when using Tomcat (starting, stopping, 
debugging). The full system resources are available to each developer. 
Disadvantages: Tomcat must be installed and configured on all machines. Each developer must 
be familiar with configuring the server.xml file. 
Giving each developer his/her Tomcat server is a good solution for advanced users that wish to 
have full control over the Web server, and are comfortable with configuring the Web Application 
Deployment Descriptor web.xml and Tomcat's server.xml file themselves. 
A danger of distributing the deployment during development across many machines is that 
integration of the components may become more difficult, since it becomes more likely that the 
developers don't check on each other's work as much since they are not directly affected by it. 
5.2.2  Multiple Instances of Tomcat on a Single Server 
Advantages: No interference among developers when using Tomcat (starting, stopping, 
debugging). Direct traceability of errors to the originator is possible. 
Disadvantages: System resources must be shared; difficult to configure; multiple server.xml files 
(one per developer). 
With multiple instances of Tomcat, it is possible to provide each developer with his/her own 
Tomcat virtual machine. The application is then served at different port addresses. The 
configuration is quite complex. A separate server.xml file must be created for each user. Then, 
Tomcat needs to be started by providing the appropriate server.xml file. 

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