6.1.2 Microsoft ASP.NET 
ASP.NET will be part of Microsoft's .NET framework, and is currently only available as a beta 
version (March 2001). It has been referred to earlier as ASP+, but the name has been slightly 
changed by Microsoft to indicate its ties to the .NET platform. 
The major improvement of ASP.NET over ASP is the introduction of C# as the server side 
scripting language. Optionally, other third generation languages may be used for scripting. This 
will solve the problems of ASP 3.0 that were described above. Other improvements include a 
new object model for HTML controls called  server controls , which make the generation of 
HTML controls such as selection boxes, lists, or inputs much easier and provide a convenient 
way of separating the dynamic contents from the HTML code (Please see the code example 
script language="C#" runat="server">
void Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
. . .
DataSet dataset = . . .
// (get data set from database)
// Bind the data set DataSet to the DataList Control
myDataList.DataSource = dataset.Tables[0].DefaultView;
. . .

Please select the desired item:
// This will be replaced by HTML code once the page is processed & sent
// to the client. The runat attribute specifies that it is processed at
// the server.

Due to ASP.NET's close ties to Microsoft servers, some features such as page caching, 
database connection pooling, and authentication services (among others) are easily available to 
the programmer without having to implement these functionalities him/herself.  

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