Sun Microsystems; Comparing JavaServer Pages and Microsoft Active Server Pages 
Technologies; asp.html
; November 1999 
Sun stresses the advantages of JSP over ASP, such as platform independence and cross 
platform reusability, and web server independence. Sun also mentions the use of Java for 
scripting, instead of Jscript and VBScript, which offers a richer library and better maintainability. 
6.2  Java versus C# 
The goal of this section is not to provide a detailed comparison of Sun's Java and Microsoft's 
C#. It rather summarizes the key points of many articles that have been published on this 
At this point in time (March 2001), the C# SDK is only available as a beta version, and 
documentation is only sparsely available. Although C# shows some promising features that go 
beyond Java's current language specification, its stability, usability and security have yet to be 
proven in a larger scale.  
The developer community is reserved in estimating C#'s impact on Java. A survey conducted by 
IBM shows (September 2000) that most developers don't believe in a significant impact of C# 
on Java programming. However, many developers believe that the introduction of C# will 
stimulate Sun to more actively improve Java. Furthermore, C# is expected to become the 
primary development language for web application development under the Windows platform. 
Figure 19: Survey Results: Impact of C# on Java Programming 
Source : 
http://www pollresults/csharp.html

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