6.2.1  The C# Language Specification   an Overview 
C# was introduced by Microsoft in 2000 as  the premier language for writing .Net applications in 
the enterprise computing space , as Microsoft puts it. C# derives from C and C++. However, it 
modernizes C++ in the area of classes, namespaces, method overloading, and exception 
handling. Certain features, such as macros, templates, and multiple inheritance have been 
eliminated from the language, to make its use easier and less error prone. C# is clearly 
Microsoft's answer to Java (Sun prevented Microsoft from integrating Microsoft's Java 
implementation  Visual J++  more closely to the Windows environment through a lawsuit). The 
resemblance to Java is very strong; however, Microsoft tries to offer an even more powerful 
language to the web application programmer under the Windows platform. Java and C# are 
compared in detail in Chapter 6.2.3. 
6.2.2  The .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) 
Microsoft recognized the advantages of Sun Microsystems' approach of generating so called 
 byte code , the platform independent semi compiled code that is generated by the Java 
Compiler (javac) and executed through the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Microsoft's version of 
this technology is implemented as the Common Language Runtime (CLR) within the .NET 
platform. Similar to the Java platform, this runtime manages the execution of code via the Virtual 
Execution System (VES), and it provides services that make programming easier and faster 
(Rapid Application Development concepts). The managed code that is executed by the CLR is 
called  Intermediate Language  (IL). C# is compiled to IL, but other programming languages, 
such as Visual Basic or C++ can be compiled to IL as well. Programming is made easier 
through automatic memory management (garbage collection), cross language integration 
(including exception handling), and versioning support. 
6.2.3  Comparison of Java and C# 
Both C# and Java are languages that resemble C++ and C, but have cleaned up with some of 
the less used (such as templates) or error prone (such as multiple inheritance) features of C++. 
Following is a table that compares the two language's features in detail. 

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