6.2.5 Selected References 
Christoph Wille; Presenting C#; July 2000 
This book introduces the language C# and its features. Comparisons are often drawn to C and 
C++. The book also describes the Microsoft .NET elements from a developer's point of view, 
including the Common Language Runtime, the Intermediate Language, and the VES. 
Unfortunately, security issues, which are a main concern in developing web applications, are not 
Mark Johnson; C#: A Language Alternative Or Just J  ?; 
http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw 11 2000/jw 1122 csharp1.html
; November 2000 
A detailed comparison of Java and C# with many programming examples. Java and C# code is 
directly compared in tables. Includes a long list of additional resources. 
Jim Farley; .NET vs. J2EE: How Do They Stack Up?; 
; November 2000 
Compares Microsoft's .NET and the Java 2 Enterprise Edition. The main technologies that are 
part of the two frameworks are listed, and key differentiators are presented. Possible impacts of 
.NET on the Windows and the Java developer community are discussed. 
Michael L. Perry; C#, The Natural Progression; 
http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw 08 2000/jw 0804 itw csharp.html
; July 2000 
Information on the chief developer of C#, Anders Hejlsberg. Overview of C# features, especially 
regarding RAD. Reasons why Microsoft created another programming language. 
Anders Hejlsberg, Scott Wiltamuth; C# Language Specification; 
 ; 2000 

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