8.2 Glossary 
Active Server Pages   Microsoft's technology supporting dynamic web content. ASP 
allows server side programming in VBScript or JavaScript. 
A BLOB is a database data type for storing binary large objects. 
The Common Gateway Interface common gateway interface is a standard way for a 
Web server to pass a Web user s request to an application program and to receive 
data back to forward to the user. CGI is the basis for most dynamic content 
generation languages today. 
Microsoft's Component Object Model serves as a framework for the interaction of 
distributed objects in a network, similar to CORBA. 
CORBA  The Common Object Request Broker Architecture is a framework for the creation, 
distribution, and management of objects in a network. 
Cascading Style Sheets are a technology to define and apply formatting to HTML 
The Document Object Model is a programming interface specification developed by 
the W3C. The DOM serves to represent XML or HTML documents as an object with a 
hierarchical structure, so it can be programmatically modified. 
An Integrated Development Environment allows editing, compilation, and debugging 
within a single, comprehensive user interface. 
The National Center for Supercomputing Activities, located at the University of Illinois 
at Urbana Champaign 
PHP is widely used server side, cross platform, HTML embedded scripting language. 
The abbreviation PHP originated from the first versions of the PHP parser in 1995 
known as the Personal Home Page Tools. 
RPM stands for the  Red Hat Packaging  format. RPM allows for the packaging of 
software (source code and binaries) into archives, so that the binaries can be easily 
installed and the source code can be reconstructed. 
A tag is a generic term for a language element descriptor. For example, tags are used 
in HTML to define different text elements (e.g. the 

indicates a heading level 1,

 indicates a table). While HTML has a fixed set of tags with specific meaning, 
other languages such as XML allow for the creation of new tags with customized 
The World Wide Web Consortium is a neutral organization, which seeks to promote 
standards to further evolve the Web. 

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