This is the final version of the 
JavaServer Pages  1.1 Specification
. This specification has 
been developed following the Java Community Process.  Comments from Experts, 
Participants, and the Public have been reviewed and incorporated into the specification where 
JSP 1.1 extends JSP 1.0 by:
Using Servlet 2.2 as the foundations for its semantics.
Enabling the delivery of translated JSP pages into JSP containers.
Providing a portable Tag Extension mechanism.
Details on the conditions under which this document is distributed are described in the 
license on page 2.
Who should read this document
This document is intended for:
Web Server and Application Server vendors that want to provide JSP containers that 
conform to the Tag Extensions specification.
Web Authoring Tool vendors that want to generate JSP pages that conform to the Tag 
Extensions specification.
Service providers that want to deliver functionality as tag libraries.
Sophisticated JSP page authors that want to define new tag libraries for their use, or who 
are responsible for creating tag libraries for the use of a group.
Eager JSP page authors who do not want to or cannot wait for Web Authoring Tools, or 
even a User's Guide.
This document is not a User's Guide, but it contains some positioning and explanatory 

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