Many people contributed to the JavaServer Pages specifications. In addition to the people 
who helped with the JSP 1.0 specification and reference implementation we want to thank a 
few individuals for their special effort on the JSP 1.1 specification:
We want to thank the following people from Sun Microsystems: Suzanne Ahmed, Janet 
Breuer, Abhishek Chauhan, James Davidson, Chris Ferris, Michaela Gubbels, Mark Hapner, 
Jim Inscore, Costin Manalache, Rajiv Mordani, Mandar Raje, Bill Shannon, James Todd, 
Vanitha Venkatraman, Anil Vijendran, Connie Weiss and Cara Zanoff France.
The success of the Java Platform depends on the process used to define and evolve it. This 
open process permits the development of high quality specifications in internet time and 
involves many individuals and corporations. Although it is impossible to list all the 
individuals who have contributed, we would like to give thanks explicitly to the following 
individuals: JJ Allaire, Elias Bayeh, Hans Bergsten, Vince Bonfanti, Bjorn Carlston, Shane 
Claussen, Mike Conner, Scott Ferguson, Bob Foster, Mike Freedman, Chris Gerken, Sanjeev 
Kumar, Craig McClanahan, Rod Magnuson, Stefano Mazzocchi, Rod McChesney, Dave 
Navas, Tom Reilly, Simeon Simeonov, and Edwin Smith. Apologies to any we may have 
Last, but certainly not least important, we thank the software developers, Web authors and 
members of the general public who have read this specification, used the reference 
implementation, and shared their experience. You are the reason the JavaServer Pages 
technology exists.

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