This chapter provides an overview of the JavaServer Pages technology.
The JavaServer Pages  Technology
JavaServer Pages
 technology is the Java
 platform technology for building applications 
containing dynamic Web content such as HTML, DHTML, XHTML and XML. The 
JavaServer Pages technology enables the authoring of Web pages that create dynamic content 
easily but with maximum power and flexibility.
The JavaServer Pages technology offers a number of advantages:
Write Once, Run Anywhere
The JavaServer Pages technology is platform independent, both in its dynamic Web pages, 
its Web servers, and its underlying server components. You can author JSP pages on any 
platform, run them on any Web server or Web enabled application server, and access them 
from any Web browser. You can also build the server components on any platform and run 
them on any server.
High quality tool support
The Write Once, Run Anywhere properties of JSP allows the user to choose 
best of breed 
tools. Additionally, an explicit goal of the JavaServer Pages design is to enable the 
creation of high quality portable tools.
Reuse of components and tag libraries
The JavaServer Pages technology emphasizes the use of reusable components such as: 
 components, Enterprise JavaBeans
components and tag libraries. These 
components can be used in interactive tools for component development and page 
composition. This saves considerable development time while giving the cross platform 
power and flexibility of the Java programming language and other scripting languages.
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