Fixed Template Data
Fixed template data
 is used to describe those pieces that are to be used 
 either in the 
response or as input to JSP actions. For example, if the JSP page is creating a presentation in 
HTML of a list of, say, books that match some search conditions, the template data may 
include things like the 
, and something like 
  • The following book
  • ...
    This fixed template data is written (in lexical order) unchanged onto the output stream 
    (referenced by the implicit 
     variable) of the response to the requesting client.
    Directives and Actions
    There may be two types of 
    in a JSP page: 
    global information that is conceptually valid independent of any specific request received by 
    the JSP page. For example, a directive can be used to indicate the scripting language to use 
    in a JSP page. 
     may, and often will, depend on the details of the specific request 
    received by the JSP page. If a JSP container uses a compiler or translator, the directives can 
    be seen as providing information for the compilation/translation phase, while actions are 
    information for the subsequent request processing phase.
    An action may create some 
     and may make them available to the scripting elements 
    through some 
    scripting specific variables.
    Directive elements have a syntax of the form
    <%@ directive ...%>
    Action elements follow the syntax of XML elements, i.e. have a start tag, a body and an end 
    or an empty tag
    An element has an 
    element type 
    describing its tag name, its valid attributes and its semantics; 
    we refer to the type by its tag name.
    Tag Extension Mechanism
    An element type abstracts some functionality by defining a specialized (sub)language that 
    allows more natural expression of the tasks desired, can be read and written more easily by 
    tools and also can even contribute specialized yet portable tool support to create them. 
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