In general, a JSP page uses some data sent to the server in an HTTP request (for example, by 
a QUERY argument or a POST method) to interact with information already stored on the 
server, and then dynamically creates some content which is then sent back to the client. The 
content can be organized in some standard format (like HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, 
etc.), in some ad hoc structured text format, or not at all.
There is another relationship between JSP and XML: a JSP page has a standard translation 
into a valid XML document. This translation is useful because it provides a standard 
mechanism to use XML tools and APIs to read, manipulate, and author JSP documents. The 
translation is defined in Chapter 7. JSP 1.1 processors are not required to accept JSP pages in 
this standard XML syntax, but this may be required in a future version of the JSP 
Web Applications
A prototypical Web application can be composed from:
Java Runtime Environment(s) running in the server (required)
JSP page(s), that handle requests and generate dynamic content
Servlet(s), that handle requests and generate dynamic content
Server side JavaBeans components that encapsulate behavior and state
Static HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML and similar pages.
Client side Java Applets, JavaBeans components, and arbitrary Java class files
Java Runtime Environment(s) (downloadable via the Plugin) running in client(s)
JSP 1.1 supports portable packaging and deployment of Web Applications through the 
Servlet 2.2 specification. The JavaServer Pages specification inherits from the Servlet 
specification the concepts of Applications, ServletContexts, Sessions, Requests and 
Responses. See that specification for more details.
Application Model
JSP pages can be used in combination with Servlets, HTTP, HTML, XML, Applets, 
JavaBeans components and Enterprise JavaBeans components to implement a broad variety 
of application architecture(s) or models.
Chapter 1

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