directive defines a number of page dependent attributes and communicates these 
to the JSP container.
A translation unit (JSP source file and any files included via the 
 directive) can 
contain more than one instance of the 
 directive, all the attributes will apply to the 
complete translation unit (i.e. page directives are position independent). However, there shall 
be only one occurrence of any attribute/value defined by this directive in a given translation 
unit with the exception of the  
  attribute; multiple uses of this attribute are 
cumulative (with ordered set union semantics). Other such multiple attribute/value 
(re)definitions result in a fatal translation error.
The attribute/value namespace is reserved for use by this, and subsequent, JSP 
Unrecognized attributes or values result in fatal translation errors.
The following directive provides some user visible information on this JSP page:
<%@ page info= my latest JSP Example V1.1  %>
The following directive requests no buffering, indicates that the page is thread safe, and 
provides an error page.
<%@ page buffer= none  isThreadSafe= yes  errorPage= /oops.jsp  %>
The following directive indicates that the scripting language is based on Java, that the types 
declared in the package com.myco are directly available to the scripting code, and that a 
buffering of 16K should be used.
<%@ page language= java  import= com.myco.*  buffer= 16k  %>
<%@ page page_directive_attr_list %>
page_directive_attr_list ::= { language= scriptingLanguage  }
{ extends= className 
{ import= importList 
{ session= true|false  
{ buffer= none|sizekb  }
{ autoFlush= true|false  }
{ isThreadSafe= true|false  
{ info= info_text  }
{ errorPage= error_url  }
JavaServer Pages 1.1 Specification  
November 30, 1999

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