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The details of the attributes are as follows:
Defines the scripting language to be used in the scriptlets, expression 
scriptlets, and declarations within the body of the translation unit (the 
JSP page and any files included using the 
 directive below).
In JSP 1.1, the only defined and required scripting language value for 
this attribute is  
 . This specification only describes the 
semantics of scripts for when the value of the language attribute is 
 java .
  is the value of the scripting language, the Java 
Programming Language source code fragments used within the 
translation unit are required to conform to the Java Programming 
Language Specification in the way indicated in Chapter 4.
All scripting languages must provide some implicit objects that a JSP 
page  author can use in declarations, scriptlets, and expressions. The 
specific objects that can be used are defined in Section 2.8,  Implicit 
Objects . 
All scripting languages must support the Java Runtime Environment 
(JRE). All scripting languages must expose the Java technology object 
model to the script environment, especially implicit variables, 
JavaBeans component properties, and public methods.
Future versions of the JSP specification may define additional values 
for the language attribute and all such values are reserved.
It is a fatal translation error for a directive with a non 
language attribute to appear after the first scripting element has been 
The value is a fully qualified Java programming language class name, 
that names the superclass of the class to which this JSP page is 
transformed (see Chapter 3).
This attribute should not be used without careful consideration as it 
restricts the ability of the JSP container to provide specialized 
superclasses that may improve on the quality of rendered service.  See 
Section 5.8.1 for an alternate way to introduce objects into a JSP page 
that does not have this drawback.
Chapter 2
Standard Syntax and Semantics

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