<%@ taglib uri= http://www.mycorp/supertags  prefix= super  />
<%@ taglib uri= tagLibraryURI  prefix= tagPrefix  %>
where the attributes are:
Either an absolute URI or a relative URI specification to be interpreted 
as in Section 2.5.2 that uniquely identifies the tag library descriptor 
associated with this prefix.
The URI is used to locate a description of the tag library as indicated 
in Chapter 5.
Defines the 
 string in 
 that is used to 
distinguish a custom action, e.g 
prefixes jsp:, jspx:, java:, javax:, servlet:, sun:, and sunw: are reserved.
Empty prefixes are illegal in this version of the specification.
A fatal translation time error will result if the JSP page translator encounters a tag with name 
 using a prefix introduced using the taglib directive, and 
 is not recognized 
by the corresponding tag library.
Implicit Objects
When you author JSP pages, you have access to certain implicit objects that are always 
available for use within scriptlets and expressions, without being declared first. All scripting 
languages are required to provide access to these objects.
Chapter 2
Standard Syntax and Semantics

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