The fully qualified name of the class that defines the implementation of 
the object. The class name is case sensitive.
If the class and beanName attributes are not specified the object must 
be present in the given scope.
The name of a Bean, as expected by the instantiate() method of the 
This attribute can accept a request time attribute expression as a value.
If specified, it defines the type of the scripting variable defined.
This allows the type of the scripting variable to be distinct from, but 
related to, that of the implementation class specified.
The type is required to be either the class itself, a superclass of the 
class, or an interface implemented by the class specified. 
The object referenced is required to be of this type, otherwise a 
 shall occur at request time 
when the assignment of the object referenced to the scripting variable 
is attempted.
If unspecified, the value is the same as the value of the 
 action sets the value of properties in a Bean. The 
denotes an object that must be defined before this action appears.
There are two variants of the jsp:setProperty action. Both variants set the values of one or 
more properties in the Bean based on the type of the properties. The usual Bean introspection 
is done to discover what properties are present, and, for each, its name, whether they are 
simple or indexed, their type, and setter and getter methods.
Properties in a Bean can be set from one or more parameters in the request object, from a 
String constant, or from a computed request time expression. Simple and indexed properties 
can be set using setProperty. The only types of properties that can be assigned to from String 
constants and request parameter values are those listed in 
; the conversion applied 
is that shown in the table. Request time expressions can be assigned to properties of any 
type; no automatic conversions will be performed.
When assigning values to indexed properties the value must be an array; the rules described 
in the previous paragraph apply to the elements.
Chapter 2
Standard Syntax and Semantics

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