A conversion failure leads to an error; the error may be at translation or at request time.
TABLE 2 4 
Valid assignments in jsp:setProperty
Property Type
Conversion on String Value
boolean or Boolean
As indicated in java.lang.Boolean.valueOf(String)
byte or Byte
As indicated in java.lang.Byte.valueOf(String)
char or Character
As indicated in java.lang.Character.valueOf(String)
double or Double
As indicated in java.lang.Double.valueOf(String)
int or Integer
As indicated in java.lang.Integer.valueOf(String)
float or Float
As indicated in java.lang.Float.valueOf(String)
long or Long
As indicated in java.lang.Long.valueOf(String)
1. This needs to be clarified before final, since the conversion is dependent on a character encoding.
The following two elements set a value from the request parameter values.
The following element sets a property from a value
prop_expr ::=
property= propertyName |
property= propertyName  param="parameterName"|
property= propertyName  value= propertyValue 
propertyValue ::= string
The value 
 can also be a request time attribute value, as described in Section 2.12.1, 
 Request Time Attribute Values .
propertyValue ::= expr_scriptlet
1. See syntax for expression scriptlet  <%= ... %> 
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November 30, 1999

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